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Origination and Founding Philosophy:

ConverNations was started by Co-Founders Zhining Zhao and Eugene Guo in August of 2020 as a Non-Profit Organization. It originated from two fundamental ideas. The first idea being perspective. So many social media platforms today are attempting to shape our political and world views and ConverNations tries to counter that by providing free OBJECTIVE information on current events and politics. The second fundamental founding idea for ConverNations is our sound belief that students could have a voice and impact on the world of politics and express our own view of current events.

Target and Goal:

ConverNations has the target to change how students perceive politics by allowing students to have a real impact and voice in the world of politics while learning an increasing amount about it. Its long term goal is to represent most high schools, nationalities, and backgrounds by increasing its membership throughout the world. ConverNations currently represent 5 high schools in 3 different countries around the world. 

Join Us:

Join our cause by contacting our managing editor through his personal email at:


There will be an application process that accesses the applicants writing abilities to ensure the quality of our content.

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